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Birmingham District Planning Studies

Birmingham District-A Description, Brief History & Assessment, 1993
A scholarly overview and bibliography. (220 pages)

Birmingham District – A Survey of Cultural Resources, 1993, pgs 6-8 contain a Single Map
A preliminary guide to the cultural resources associated with the coal, iron, steel, and transportation industries, includes 51 site surveys. (327 pages)

Birmingham District-An Inventory of Natural and Recreational Resources, 1993
Essays and survey sheets describing 79 sites. (326 pages)

Birmingham District-A Study of Alternatives, 1993
Thoughts on the management of a heritage area (156 pages)

Other Planning Studies

Birmingham Civil Rights World Heritage Sites – Preliminary Planning Study, Part of the Alabama Civil Rights Churches Unites States Tentative Listing, May 2009 (58 pages with color images)

The World Heritage in the United States of America – The Tentative List, 2008 (47 pages with color images)

Heritage Gardens – Restoring the Landscape and Gardens Around Your Historical Home, 1993

Southside-Highlands Report-Historical Resources & Preservation Recommendations, 1981 (80 pages)

Village Creek-An Architectural and Historical Resources Survey, 1985 (151 pages)

A Vision for Vulcan-Background Reading for Mayor Richard Richard Arrington, March 29, 1995 (280 pages optimized for faster download)

A New Vision for Vulcan: The Plan, May 22, 1999 (251 pages)


A List of Journals and their Contents, 1977-1987

Index to The Journal of the Birmingham Historical Society, Volumes I-IX

THE JOURNAL of the Birmingham Historical Society, 1977-1987 ($9.95)

Vol. 5 No. 1 1977 / The Autobiography of William Julian Milner, edited & annotated by Lyn Johns. / On Keeping Track of Our History, Marvin Whiting and Mary Bess Kirksey. / Historical Markers Erected by the Society, compiled by Henry DeLeon Southerland. 

Vol. 5 No. 2 1977 / Schoolhouse cover / The Origins of an Urban School System: Birmingham, 1873-1900, Ruth B. LaMonte. / On Keeping Track of Our History, Marvin Whiting. / Eklektikos, Marvin Whiting

Vol. 5 No. 3 1978 / Suffragettes Cover / Romance and Reality: The Birmingham Suffragists, 1892-1920, Gillian Goodrich. / On Keeping Track of Our History, Frank M. Jones and Marvin Whiting.

Vol. 5 No. 4 1978 / The Mercy Home and Private Charity in Early Birmingham, Edward S. LaMonte. / The Hawes Riot: All the News Unfit to Print, Jeff Northrup. / The Birmingham Public Library: From Its Beginning until 1927, Virginia Pounds Brown, Mabel Thuston Turner.

Vol. 6 No.1 1979 / Mervin Sterne Cover / The Rise and Fall of Mine Mill in Alabama: The Status Quo Against Interracial Unionism, 1933-1949, Horace Huntley. / The Hawes Affair. Part II, Jeff Northrup.

Vol. 6 No. 2 1979 / Charles Linn Cover / G1en Iris Park and the Residence of Robert Jemison, Sr., Marjorie White. / Images of the Past: Selections from the Work of O. V. Hunt, Robert Corley.Early Highland and the Magic City, 1884-1893, including Willis J. Milner’s “History of Highland Avenue”, Lyn Johns.

Vol. 6 No. 3 1980 / Annie Linn Cover / Foundations of a Musical Culture in Birmingham, Alabama: 1871-1900, Fletcher Anderson. / Rosa Zinszer: Birmingham Entrepreneuse Extraordinary, Tim Lennox. 

Vol. 6 No. 4 1980 / Progressivism and Nativism: The Race for the Presidency of the City Commission of Birming ham, Alabama in 1917, Michael Breedlove. / “True Americans”, Pro and Con Campaign Literature from the 1917 Race for the Presidency of the Birmingham City Commission. Introduction by Marvin Whiting. / An Index to the Changes of the Name or Number Designations of Alleys, Avenues, Circles, Courts, Places, Streets, Terraces, and Ways on the Southside Made by Ordinance of the Commission of the City of Birmingham, Alabama, June 10, 1914, edited and arranged by Alice Bowsher, Ann Burkhardt, Eva Holley, Mary Miller, and Marvin Whiting.

Vol. 7 No. 1 1981 / Wenonah the Magic Word, Marlene Rikard. / Images of Work: Birmingham, 1894-1937, Mitch Menzer & Mike Williams. / In Tribute: The Corporate Benefactors, Patrons and Members of the Society, 1981, ed. Alice Bowsher, Emily Rushing, Marvin Whiting.

Vol. 7 No. 2 1981 / Woodward Journal / The Red Mountain Residence of Mr. & Mrs. A. H. Woodward, Ellen Erdreich. / “Take Everything You Are. . .And Give It Away”: Pioneer Industrial Social Workers at TCI, Marlene Rikard.

Vol. 7 No. 3 & 4 1982 / Five Points Journal / Town Within a City: The Five Points South Neighborhood, 1880-1930, Ann Burkhardt, Alice Bowsher, editor.

Vol. 8 No. 1 1983 / Meyer Journal / Robert Randolph Meyer, Sr.: “From much more than modest affluence to generosity to others”. / Some Remarks on the Occasion of the Fortieth Anniversary of the Birming-ham Historical Society, January 24, 1983, John C. Henley, III. / Birmingham Craftsman, introduction by Ellen Erdreich. / Melville Coleman Thomas: Letters from the “Magic City,” 1887, edited with an introduction by Leah Atkins. / James R. Powell and “This Magic Little City of Ours”. A Perspective on Local History, Marvin Whiting. / Buildings Reborn: Alive Again with Adaptive Reuse, Philip Morris. / Design Awards Competition Winners. Impressions of Downtown: Birmingham Poster Competi tion Winners. Marjorie White / What’s Special About Birmingham’s History, Dwight Young.

Vol. 8 No. 2 1984 / Samford Journal / Frank Park Samford: A Singular Vision, Marvin Y. Whiting. / Influence on the Growth and Development of Auburn University and Samford University, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Samford, Jr., Leslie S. Wright. / The Enslen House, Steve Trimmier. / Buildings Reborn II Poster Competition Winners. Marjorie White / Burst of Gas and Sparks: The Work of Roderick MacKenzie, Gail Andrews Trechsel.

Vol. 9 No.1 1985 / Vulcan Journal / Landmarks: Guiseppi Moretti, edited by Marvin Whiting.Vulcan Materials Company: Alabama’s Share of the Fortune, Frank Pierce. / Interpreting the Historic House, William Seale. / Images of Smithfield: A Photo Essay, Marjorie White. / Henry Edmonds and His Conflict with the Southern Presbyterian Church, 1913-1915, B. Dwain Waldrop. / A Natural History of Village Creek, Carter Hudgins and Marjorie White. 

Vol. 9 No. 2 1987 / The Journal of the Birmingham Historical Society / The Elyton Land Company and the Real Estate Boom of 1886-1887 / Birmingham’s First Three Decades: A Photographic Essay byJane E. Keeton / Jefferson County, 1850 by Will F. Franke, Edited by Emily Jones Rushing / DeBardeleben, Bessemer, and the Montezuma Hotel by Ellen Slaughter / Presidents of the Birmingham Historical Society / Officers and Trustees of the Birmingham Historical Society / Members of the Birmingham Historical Society / Corporate Members of the Birmingham Historical Society / Sustainers, Benefactors, Patrons, and Sponsors of the Birmingham Historical Society /

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