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Several changes were approved at the last board meeting including a slight increase in membership fees. Your generous membership fees and gifts pay for research, publications, society events, annual book signings, tours, newsletters, and educational events. We encourage you to renew your membership or join us now! For more information, please click HERE. Note that … Continue reading TIME TO RENEW MEMBERSHIP

Lyric Theater once again threatened by a pandemic

The Lyric Theater is one of Birmingham’s Historic Landmarks and is also one of the few remaining theaters that was specifically designed for vaudeville shows. By 1918, four years after it opened, it had an active and popular schedule of events attracting stars including Mae West and The Marx Brothers, and was lauded by Milton … Continue reading Lyric Theater once again threatened by a pandemic

Some Historical Perspective on Covid-19

Covid-19 is not Birmingham’s first epidemic. For a little historical perspective, and some information on how Birmingham coped in the past, please read our current newsletter! It includes memories of those who experienced the Spanish Flu of 1918. continue reading here > Pandemic 2020 Want to JOIN the Birmingham Historical Society?

Grandmother’s Garden at Sloss

This Facebook video created by Lisa Jones of Jefferson County – Alabama Extension – shares details surrounding the beginning and evolution of Grandmother’s Garden at Birmingham Historical Society’s headquarters at Sloss Quarters. Narrated in part by BHS Director, Marjorie White, the video also pays tribute to retiring longtime Urban Regional Jefferson County extension agent, Sallie … Continue reading Grandmother’s Garden at Sloss

This Old House Research

The research volunteers at Birmingham Historical Society are committed to providing education not only about Birmingham’s history, but generic information that’s useful to everyone. So BHS was delighted to hear from a youth services librarian and educator at G.A.T.E. DENVER CHILDREN’S COALITION who was able to use our online resources and educational programs for a … Continue reading This Old House Research

Altamont – A Portion of Red Mountain and its Park

Long time residents of Birmingham know that the Altamont ridge has one of the best views in the city, a forested overlook perched 400 feet above Jones Valley. But did you know that Boston architect, George H. Miller, originally created a plan for the Altamont ridge in 1911, specifically providing for both public and private … Continue reading Altamont – A Portion of Red Mountain and its Park

Coming Soon – Tour of Avondale Churches

POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE DUE TO COVID-19 Historic Houses of Worship: AvondaleA Walking and Driving TourLed by David R. Bains, PhDSunday, April 5, 2020, 1:30-4:00 p.m. Several Avondale churches built in the 1880’s still remain and have been joined by others in this thriving residential community established in 1884. See the map below for the … Continue reading Coming Soon – Tour of Avondale Churches

And the Winner Is….

The annual BHS cake/pie competition was a huge success with eighteen entries and just one more cake than there were pies. Oh my! It was hard to choose! There were pound cakes, there were tea cakes, chocolate, caramel, and even a büche de noel. The stories behind them were as good as the cakes! But … Continue reading And the Winner Is….

Want to enter? You must be a member – but – You can join On the Spot!

Cake vrs Pie Competition celebrates baked memories of the past. Dust off that old recipe and bake that cherished and memorable pie or cake! Bring it to the meeting at 4PM at Birmingham Botanical Gardens. We’d love to share it with you, along with the memories! And HERE’S how to join… Here’s the entry form … Continue reading Want to enter? You must be a member – but – You can join On the Spot!

2020 Cake/Pie Contest with memories and recipes

THE SWEETEST CONTEST TRADITION CONTINUES so… LET US EAT CAKE..AND PIE TOO (if it’s your family fave, we’ll love it!) What to Do: BAKE A CAKE, MAKE A PIE–either one or both if you can’t decide! FILL OUT THE ENTRY FORM (we savor your stories) DROP YOUR CREATION AT STRANGE AUDITORIUM, Birmingham Botanical Gardens for judging by … Continue reading 2020 Cake/Pie Contest with memories and recipes

2020 Annual Meeting

Birmingham Historical Society’s  ANNUAL MEETING A Publication Celebration and Family Favorites Cake and Pie Contest Monday February 24, 2020 7:00 p.m. Strange Auditorium at Birmingham Botanical Gardens PROGRAM 2020 and Beyond-Our Strategic Plan By Joe Limbaugh Ross Bridge-The Old South Invests in the New By Birgit Kibelka John T. Milner and the Making of Birmingham … Continue reading 2020 Annual Meeting

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