The Olmsted Vision-Parks for Birmingham


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The Olmsted Vision-Parks for BirminghamA publication About the Early Years and Today

  • The vision of the prestigious Olmsteds (Central Park, Biltmore Estate, Baltimore Park System, U. S. Capitol Grounds)
  • The Olmsted-inspired plans for Mountain Brook, Linn Park, and Rushton Park
  • The important park principles in play—from character of place to use of floodplains and ridge tops
  • Exciting full-circle news—the Olmsted theories alive in today’s expansive parks and greenway movement
  • Historic drawings, plans, and photos 
  • 72 pages, 11″ x 14″, full-color, softbound

Important planning efforts that have shaped Birmingham–and America

In 1924, the Olmsted Brothers, the nation’s premier park planning firm, submitted a report, A Park System for Birmingham, to the Park and Recreation Board of Birmingham, Alabama. The report was published by the Board in 1925. The plan is a model of ambitious, efficient, cost-effective, and intelligent planning. It provided a vision for regional development.

In this book, historian Marjorie White and city planner Heather McArn examine the context for the 1924 report and analyze its impact in the 1920s and 1930s and in subsequent years. The book is published to encourage the continued wise and respectful development of our region envisioned by Olmsted Brothers in 1924.

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