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Final 2022 Trustee Meeting Tuesday, December 13th

Don’t forget the final Trustee Meeting next Tuesday, December 13th, at noon for lunch, at our new offices at 2827 Highland Avenue. Note that according to the by-laws, you must attend at least two Trustee meetings annually.

As a reminder, in order to maintain your Trustee status, you must first be a member and current on membership fees, submit an annual conflict of interest statement, and contribute to the society in a significant way. Trustee Service Forms are submitted annually and are available online HERE. There are a limited number of Trustees, and all applications must be approved by the nominating committee.

Note that two of our trustees, Sam Frazier and Henry Ray have been greatly challenged by recent devastating fires. Sam’s beloved “Woodside” in Belle Mina, his 1860 residence visited by the Heritage Society several years ago, burned to the ground, and Henry Ray’s office building in Mountain Brook was gutted by fire. We extend our heartfelt sympathies to them both.

Woodside in Belle Mina, Alabama

We look forward to seeing you Tuesday.